Trading and eye strain....?

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  1. Anyone else get eye strain trading.

    Going from monitor to monitor, by the end of the day my eyes are beat.

    Anyone else have this problem and know of anything to remedy it?

    Right now all I know is vitamin C, vitamin A eyedrops, and lots of water is the only thing that's helped so far.
  2. gaj


    do you have flat screen monitors?

    that eliminated much of my problems...
  3. spread


    Quality LCDs should solve the problem.

    Looking at cheap Samsung LCDs (TN panels) for half an hour bothers my eyes - but I can look at Eizo LCDs for 12+ hours with no issues.
  4. THanks guys.

    Yeah just switched over to flat screen about a year ago and it helped.

    I noticed a difference between my labtop monitor and my desktop monitor. I guess that could be a source of the problem, since I did notice my eyes aren't nearly as bad after looking at the more expensive desktop.
  5. Klamath


    If you have a CRT monitor, make sure your refresh rate is as high as your video card and monitor can safely handle.
  6. I wear glasses just for trading and reading, mostly just trading.

    I actually like CRT better, but the weight and size have me on 19's of decent quality.

    As you go to larger LCD the quality becomes so much sharper. I tried a 22" for a bit and it was so sharp, but just too big for me, back to 19's. DVI vs. analog is about 10-20% better to.

    There are expensive, relative, covers for monitors that protect against that type of stuff, radiation, etc.
  7. craneman


    Try turning the brightness down. Many lcd monitors come with the brightness set on high as default and are way too bright. I know it helped me some.
  8. Make sure you buy a quality lcd with a good dot-pitch. I wear glasses now with a coating to protect my eyes.
  9. lindq


    Get an eye test and glasses for computer use. They are set to the distance you sit from the monitors, and are very helpful.
  10. rjv27


    try to focus on distances further then your monitors. i sit near a window and just look outside for a few mins to get my eyes back into shape.
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