Trading and Exchanges: Market Microstructure for Practitioners

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    read something like from a to z. better(imo) and way cheaper.
    couple years ago IB send this book for free for their customers. i sold my right away.
  2. You clearly miss the point of the FIRST post and book.

    It's hardly an "investopedia" for mook wannabees that a broker would ever give away...
    But rather a serious reference work on a scholarly level...
    About the inner workings of the financial markets...
    That could ONLY benefit an already experianced, sophisticated trader.
  3. You will appreciate the way this reference book is put together.

    Everyone at some point has to have a quality vocabulary for understanding what is being discussed. In this book you get it through the scholarship of the writer and through the interjected examples.

    As a reference It will not let you down. I tab mine with those little MMM things. Marking it up is a god idea too.

    As a day trader, the "informed trader" theme is a great check list for your personal self evaluation. You can then be sure you are not on the wrong side of the deal.

    One thing I particularly like about the book is that it is capable of providing a cogent explanation of why you operate the way you do and in depth.

    The multi column reference tables, especially regards trading, make it easy to digest and highlight how a person fits into the infinite scheme of things.

    There are some trading considerations that are hard to keep well understood as particular personal events fold, spindle an mutilate what you thought you knew. This book will come in handy periodically as a neutral and balanced reference.

    There are few books written with so much grant funding and the personal life experience of the author is almost unequaled.

    The chapter summaries are great and doing the chapter questions is always fun.

    Harris is a local hero here in Tucson.
  4. Jack has pretty much covered it but if you are looking for trading strategies and that sort of thing you wont find any. It tells you how the markets are put together and who is participating.
  5. it's pretty good if you have the stamina to go through +-500 pages of dry stuff (still haven't finished my copy).
  6. Here's an Amazon review:

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    Great content, great writing!, December 26, 2002
    Reviewer: A reader

    I have been trading for 8 years. 6 years prop trading, I now run a hedge fund. We make about 10,000 trades/day. I wish I had read this book years ago. I've had to pay Mr. Market a large sum to learn many of these lessons. Larry Harris has written what I consider to be the best book in the field of trading. He covers nearly all topics, from structural & regulatory issues, to descriptions of the players; costs to performance evaluation. Presentation is excellent - the numerous sidebars, tables & graphs serve to illustrate the text. My only complaint is that the book does not take the quantitative side far enough. I recommend a technical appendix plus specific references (perhaps annotating the excellent bibliography) for the mathematically inclined reader.
    If you are interested in trading, or curious about the markets, buy and read this book!

    (1) Probably a good book and worth the money for any serious student of trading...


    (2) Taleb's "Fooled By Randomness" is compulsory.

    But the most important thing is ** How You Think **.
    Have you been TRAINED to think in a critical, logical, focused way???
    Yes, trained... if not, then you are dead, dead, dead. Stop right now.

    Most people here at ET believe all kinds of completely non-sensical things...
    Which is ** no accident **...
    Because for decades they have been spoon-fed FALSE BELIEFS...
    By a ruthless Securities Industry... that cares ONLY about taking their money.
  7. I was wondering what happened to Mr. Market. Looks like hes gone into teaching.:)
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    I saw him at the beach. :D
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