Trading and Dating

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  1. seems like a distinction needs to be made between finding a long term companion and getting laid.
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  2. Very good points.
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  3. turn 'em and burn, getting laid is LT for a scalper.

    on a serious note, anyone (male or female) that has a mate that supports their trading, particularly on bad days is very lucky indeed.

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  4. I think most trader feels lonely inside.

    I am sure a BMW would help, and escorts would keep us sane.

    But preception is reality, rite?

    Whenever people asked me what I do for a living I just say, I work for myself or I work at home, then I stopped.
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  5. From this tread:

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  6. If you see money or the things you buy with money as your life objective, you´ll never have enough, and therefore you´ll always be frustrated. Is like chasing a rainbow.
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  7. Trading and Dating

    Both Trading and Dating are definitely concerned with market action.
    Whether strategies useful in Trading would extend to Dating, I dunno. :(
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  8. newb


    you guys are all losers if you have to lie to get a date.
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  9. romik


    shut up
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  10. lol
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