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  1. Where else could you touch a female all day long, sweating and pressing your body against hers without spending $5 on a drink and worry if the boyfriend does not have a VIP pass to a local gym. Dancing class is the best approach.
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  2. JA_LDP


    Lately, I have had some very good luck on dates.

    Tonight, I met a girl for coffee and we talked about what we do, what we want to do, etc. I mentioned trading and possibly managing OPM and she completely ate it up. Then she brought up dating and how much she hates it cause "guys are freaks".

    I said: "Actually, I like it a lot. I mean...I like coming out here and getting to know someone new. Whether I go on more dates with that person, or not, I think it's fun."

    Girl: "Really?"

    Me: "Yep. The two best games in life. Trading and Dating."

    I totally came up with that on the spot and I thought it was pretty good (so did she). Don't know if it's been said before but I just thought I'd share it.
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  3. Bad move, equating "dating" with "games". If she's not serious about a relationship, you're probably fine. But if she is the serious type, perhaps you won't get another date. Women are very keen to what we guys say.
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  4. It's not a bad move either way, he is just telling the truth. As long as he is honest & confident about it, it's all good. Dating is a game and any female that would actually take offense to that truth being stated is not worth your time.

    This is starting to turn into a dating and love advice thread. Very soon, escort service websites are gonna be posted. :p
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  5. eagle


    Right. Perceive/view thing from the white angle (see thing from positive way), not from the black angle (see thing from negative way). Woman likes guy who is optimistic that will show confident and winning attitude in him because she's looking for someone who can take care and support her and eventually, if any, her offspring.

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  6. JA_LDP


    If it was a bad move, I must have recovered nicely cause she came back to my place after coffee...

    I am seeing her again Sunday.
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  7. She sure is the one 'playing' you well....

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