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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by jackson1234, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. :D :D :D
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  2. I heard a great saying..........if it floats, flies, or fu*ks it's cheaper to rent :D

    That came from out install manger in telecom. Great, classic I love it.
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  3. That's not a bad answer actually - trying to explain that you trade futures is next to impossible to someone who doesn't have a clue. If you equate what you are trading to oil, people get it since "gas is so high now!". Not only do you explain what you do, you can take that conversation in other directions as well.

    It would help if you actually traded the QM, USO or something though. :D

    Other than that, 'private money manager' is a safe bet. When people hear 'private' it sounds very professional and 'money manager' sounds equally professional.
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  4. Do people really have trouble telling women that they are a trader? Do they really shy away from a guy who is a trader, even if he makes good money? I haven't come across it yet, due to the fact that I am still young. But should I worry about this in my later stages of life? I thought traders got all the women, I guess I'm in for a lonely life:(
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  5. Maybe I am just a little confused by the original post. " I am looking to settle down NOW" what does that mean ? I think you are going about this backwards. First find the right girl and then look to settle down, otherwise you are just wasting your time and effort. Remember the last thing any worthy women wants is an insincere blowhard trying to impress her with his money and occupation, regardless of what many of the greaseball ex-fratboy pretenders on this forum believe.
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  6. I dunno man, guys usually get nice expensive things, particularly cars with big engines to compensate for smth lacking in another department. So I don't ever need to buy a car. :D

    To the poster:

    Dunno how many girls you dated and from where. In NYC you get both sides of the spectrum. Some girls automatically think you make a million dollars, others think you are a gambler and don't have a real job. Not one has any idea of what it really is, either prop or sales desk. I even dated a girl that worked in sales trading, clearance or operations support of some sort. She thought that sales desk trading was "real" trading and prop was all luck & gambling. She sucked anyway, (no not in the good way), although quite attractive and Latin (my weakness).

    Either or, I highly prefer to find those that like big things other than wallets. As for settling down, marriage in this country scares me, even prenups don't help.

    Biggest players I know aren't rich and don't care about being rich. So whether you looking for your soulmate or a one-time bedmate, it should not matter what you do and how rich you are. If it's about the money, just get an escort, not only will it be cheaper but no snuggling and BS conversation required.
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  7. mjh


    Tell them/her that "I do what most guys dream about. I make obscene amounts of money as a trader which enbles me to enjoy the finer things in life like you (her)."
    Nothing wrong with being honest, If it dont fly then she is doing you a favor, If you just need action, get a nice escort for an evening LOL.
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  8. Hydroblunt, don't know where your from but us washington heights boys aint lacking a thing, and it aint about the money or fact that I can't find a girl, I was just asking if this was the general experience of traders. Shit, I'll just tell em I play in the NFL.:D
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  9. Ok so either A) washington heights is one hell of a statistical anomaly or B) you all have the same daddy.

    LOL, I never meant to directly point it at you or anyone, just refreshing a very popular remark. Bottom line, materialism rarely, if ever, brings happiness, it's just a conditioned response. So dealing with materialistic females can't have much of a different outcome. After all, it's like getting a long term high end escort, except that you have to deal with their drama.

    Apparently the term in the NBA and NFL arena is professional girlfriend.
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  10. I think honesty is best policy there.... just don't say day trader. Say equity trader since day trader brings up too many images of losers...
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