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  1. If you are only thinking of getting a bit more action then I think you are taking an approach with low rewards.

    Trouble is that what most guys do not realise is that if the girl for one reason or another gets pregnant they'll milk you for all the money they can put their hands on.

    Just pack up your laptop and move to Thailand, much more action, much cheaper and no hassles. Just take the proper precautions. It is surpising what a few hundred dollars a month can do.

    Once you get older and want to settle down you may investigate finding a nice girl in Russia, have seen some real stunners and they don't mind an older guy.

    vital statistics
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  2. squeeze


    Try fat chicks,

    They won't be so fussy about what you do.
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  3. jwecme


    All this psyche stuff is great but why waste time with that. Chat them up with overconfident BS it works every time. Say you have offshore accounts etc and you are a big dog make the lies more and more extreme and then bang her brains out before she finds out your a fraud. If you happen to get her pregnant she will not want the baby of a loser so will have a termination either way its win win situation for you.

    Failing all of that just drug the bitch up with Rohypnol and do her in the club toilets If she gets a bit lary then smack her about a bit show her who is boss. lol
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  4. Pekelo


    Dude, you sure don't live in the real world. Even in a 10 year old marriage you have to tweak your answers.

    When was the last time when any sensitive man honestly answered a "Honey, do I look fat in this jeans?" type of question??? :cool:
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  5. dude, switch off your computer, take off your goggles and get out more. LOL
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  6. Sponger


    Funny thing happened to me today, I went to a porn site and a trading group discussion broke out........

    It never ceases to amaze me how quickly these threads can dissolve into Benny Hill material - you guys (and gals) are a riot!!!! LOL :D
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  7. Women should be leased and not married. All women are a depreciating asset. By the time they're 50 you'll regret marriage and be sorry that she's hedged (divorce court). It's always cheaper to lease a girlfriend than own one.
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  8. eagle


    Tell them that you make a living by trading crude oil and you're one of those guys who push the crude skyrocketing. :D
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  9. zdreg


    is the number 50 a typo?

    every sentence is controversial.
    time for a poll on every sentence from money..?

    ps how come you don't accept PMs
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