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  2. computer consultant


    (self employed) computer analist

    use my computer do a lot of research (analysis) on internet ("consult my computer" all the time, lol)

    when trading is slack: "am between assignments and am waiting for prospective clients to get back to me"

    also better when staying in other countries for extended periods -no questions asked at immigration. after all I offer "consultancy" and am a "specialist in my area" and am having (some) sales meetings with "prospective clients" since I am trying to establish "some business". (may take a while though and no garantee of success, lol)

    sounds nice and boring and does not invite more questions. neither does it bring you in physical danger (oh, must have a lot of money, lets do some kidnapping / extortion) and neither does it attract the gold diggers

    vital statistics
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    This is the problem. All the women you are going after want something different than you. That is chasing the women away. Not the fact that you're a trader. Find women that want the same thing as you and they wont care what you do for a living.
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  4. I just tell people I work with financial derivatives- you know interest rates, currency that sort of thing. Then they ask how many customers do you have, to which i reply " I many customers but I sell to them through a centralized electronic market, so I don't always know who they are". And if there is a next question my reply is " It is just like insurance for you car and house, only for stocks and bonds'
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  5. Bingo!

    Just because you're in that age group doesn't mean you can't go for the younger ones.
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  6. If your consistantly making good money as a trader then telling a girl that your a trader is actually a good way to pick a girl up - at least here in Australia thats how things are. You don't need to wear the fancy gold watch or drive a British sports car, your vibe would exude success, and all girls (materialistic or spiritual) will like that. Female intuition can spot someone who is consistantly successful from a so-so trader or loser more than us guys will ever truely understand.

    If your a so-so trader (but feel that you will improve) perhaps INITIALLY that is the time to start thinking up of excuses (be vague and tell her that "I work with computers/online stuff" for example), as in her mind if you tell her your a trader the descrepancy between your vibe and her pre-conceived notion of what a successful trader should be will make her doubt you even more. After the first date or two if you like each other then you better come out with your full story - and as a matter of fact she may be helpful to you in improving your strike rate if your honest. Same if your going through a bad patch. If she says "why didn't you tell me the full truth in the beginning", tell her that you wanted to see if there was chemistry between the two of you before opening up fully - and she will appreciate the fact that you were not lying (after all you do work with computers, right?).
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  7. "I work in finance."
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  8. You guys are right about going for the younger ones. I'm 33 and am lining up a 19yo this weekend, should be interesting. I am taking the approach of being more vague, talking about investments and avoiding 'trader' or 'day trader'. I think being a little mysterious can work to your advantage.
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    Know what you are saying bro, but if you gotta' tweak your answers, then she isn't the right one. Keep doing what you love, and are good at, the right kind of woman will show up. It might take awhile, but in this undertaking, you want a girl that will give you the space and understanding to take the necessary risks. And it seems, that taking away the typical trappings of success, can limit the prospects. Go through the same thing from time to time, but I just focus on my priorities, and realize that this is not the typical mainstream job. It takes an atypical person to recognize that.

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    R u looking for a Mrs Trader or a Pussy Galore? If it is the latter then I would just do a 007 on them all them time, women love quality bullshit, that will get you laid more often than not. Women won't love you for what you do man, they will love you for how you make them feel. All other pre-calculated relationships end up boring the hell out of 2 people involved and ultimately would lead to a separation or a boring ever after.
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