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  1. I've been thinking the same thing recently. I 've been told that its too risky and "couldn't you find something with more stability or a more dependable income"
    You could just say that you are well off and live from capital gains- which isn't really lying and she'll think you're talented.
    Maybe ..well i saved some money and now i'm taking some time off and using it to educate myself, taking courses and so on.
    I'm allergic to real jobs and idiots so i taught myself to trade from home:D
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  2. Find a woman that has not been brainwashed by her old fashioned parents. Find a real woman creative & free in her thinking. Rent a Mercedes when you date her...Gently let her see your 1990 Plymouth Voyager with simulated wood grain siding.

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  3. Pekelo


    That is one crazy idea. The problem is that the average guy wants something else than what the average gal wants. So they have to be flexible to get along.

    If you tell her you were an internal revenue officer (aka taxman) but gave it up for trading, she is going to love you as a trader! :)
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  4. tireg


    "When I tell them I'm a trader I'm sure a lot immediately think gambler/high risk/unreliable."

    It's too bad you've set up mental barriers for yourself before anything even happens. What are you doing trying to impress her with your trading mumbo jumbo anyway? Tell her you're a male gigolo. Or that you're actually looking to marry a rich woman, divorce her, and take half her money.

    If all else fails, I'm inclined to agree with Mrs. Savant on this one ;)
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  5. I will never understand why you guys want to be honest. Hell, add some excitement. Tell 'em you are an international spy, an undercover DEA agent, a fighter creative. This will aid in explaining any mysterious disappearances and/or forgetting to call the next morning.

    They'll be all over you like white on rice. Thank me later playa.
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  6. if you make a good income and are consistant then just be honest and say "i trade futures for a living. i love what i do. i have complete independence and i make more money than i can doing anything else."
    bottem line: show the money.
    90% of people (that don't have money) respect money and nothing else.
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  7. Come on tell the truth.....was it the rusted out subaru or your debit card rejections at dinner that are causing the problems.....LOL! :D

    JK :)

    I say just be totally honest with a sense of bravado, if they don't like what you do then so be it...NEXT!
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  8. volente_00


    Just tell them you are a BSD.
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  9. How about:

    Private Investor
    Private Fund Manager?

    Just say you look at hundreds of deals everyday and find the best companies to invest in like Buffett. It's all how to market yourself...
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  10. wait a minute you tell them you're a Traitor and you wonder why they run???
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