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  1. I've been trading for a living for 5 years now, make a good income and am pretty consistent. My question to all other pro-traders is how do you fare in the dating world when you tell them what you do for a living?

    The women in my age group (28-33) are mostly looking to settle down and find someone to have kids with. When I tell them I'm a trader I'm sure a lot immediately think gambler/high risk/unreliable. If asked to explain it further it probably sounds worse as I'm sure I confuse them more as most have never heard of futures trading.

    I would rather be honest but that seems to be reducing my success rate, so time to get a little creative. I'm not looking to settle down right now, just get more action than I have been getting lately, so if it necessitates being a little devious and telling them what they want to hear, so be it.

    So, what are your suggestions for describing my job to make it sound more desirable? I am thinking of "investor", and if asked for details say I invest my own money in different financial markets. Sounds more conservative. Also thought of "fund manager" but that one gets tricky when asked about clients.
  2. doesn't really matter what you do if the big cash pulls in...

    (of course, I meant that in legal legitimate ways)
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    how about being honest?
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    analyst/consultant for various companies.

    If you want something that sounds sane, just say you do market research, if they ask more just get technical about what you do then confuse them and make it sound like companies you are trading your doing business with.

    use terms like sellside buyside etc etc.
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    What is wrong with being a Short term Self Directed Innvestor.
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    Why do you have to impress them?

    Why dont they have to impress you with something other than big breasts?

    I mean, I know why :) but if you follow the equation that

    your job+your house+your car = sex with superficially hot women

    you might not be so happy with the person behind the package when the boobs start sagging. And/or the money stops coming in.

    Gravity. It is a bitch. For us all.
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    You could tell people you "manage a private equity fund"


    Tell them you manage private money.

    My fiance has no problems with me being a trader. We've been together 4 1/2 years now. Then again, she was a broker for 10 years (the same number of year I've been trading full time) at Paine Webber and Merrill.
  9. Thanks, good feedback so far.

    That's what I've been doing, but it is very hard to explain my job in simple terms, and I'm sure as soon as I say "trader" they think gambler. The follow up question is often "do you make a living out of it" which shows what's going on in their mind.

    I'm not after the gold-digging hotties, just want to improve my chances with the nice average girls. Instead of possibly dismissing me at the first instant on a misperception, I want to get the chance for them to know me and my lifestyle better before judging.
  10. I justed started making decent money, but i'm sure the mercedes benz cls and a condo in south beach on millionaire row will put my win/loss ratio through the roof.:D, but then again i'm looking for college age girls.
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