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    just curious if anyone here applies a "system" to betting sports, that is similiar to trading stocks. if so, what kind of strategy do you use. i bet sports for entertainment, and i'm sure it's extremely difficult to gain an edge with the vig, but maybe some people out there are able to gain an edge using certain techniques. i.e. when there's a large disparity between the sagerin rating and the line.
  2. a few times a yr ...

    actually I went to the harness tracks quite often as a teenager

    I learned to pick my spots and look for good value plays

    for example ... if I thought a horse had a 1 in 4 chance to win
    and he was 10 /1 ... that might be a good bet ...

    trading the stock market or even other things such as
    fx and commodities and index futures
    also seems to favor someone who can line up

    the odds in his favor whether though
    outright arb or risk / reward ...
    and the time frame can be different for
    traders ...

    racetrack ... race goes off and ends a few minutes later

  3. no system...just pick the winners.
    Just hit a 6 teamer..........booooooyaaaahhh
  4. The only place that I have been able to apply any trading techniques to gambling is in black jack. In black jack you lose with the lowest bet, and when you go on a winning streak, you bet bigger. Same as stocks, control your losses, and let you winners run. But as the winner runs, you add shares.

    In sports betting, you can't control the risk after the game has started. If suddenly the key player gets hurt, you can't just cut your loss ad take some of your money out. You lose it all. If a stock goes the wrong way, you can get out with minimal losses.
  5. There are systems in every game. Sports, Horse Racing, anything where analysis is useful in prediction.