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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by TraderBob, May 17, 2002.

  1. I am a Tradestation user and looking for trading analysis software that ideally could be linked to Tradestation. The purpose would be to provide analysis of trading activitiy (e.g. by period, time of day, long vs: short, profitable vs : losing trades, avg gain, avg loss, security, etc).

    I checked with Tradestation folks and they have no idea. I believe that Speer Leeds has something that they offer their clients that's a commercial package but I have not been able to connect up with anyone there that could help.

    The software need not be overly sophisticated. I would think a small database with some canned reports would suffice. Something that could handle an automated feed from TS would be great but I'd even be willing to manually enter the data each day.

  2. Having started this thread, I have since found out the name of the software that I had heard about last year but couldn't remember the name. Its called Trader Profile and is offered by some brokerages for their clients.

    TraderProfile provides all type of statistics on one's trading to give the trader greater visibility into the types of trades where he is the most and least profitable and slices and dices the trade data in different ways. Don't know how good it is, its cost, etc. but I'd be interested in getting feedback from anyone who has used it.

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    You can do that stuff with Excel pretty easily. All the info in the Account Manager can be cut-and-pasted directly into worksheets. Of course, you have to learn how to use Excel if you don't already know how to - but that turns out, I have found, to be very useful for many trading- and specifically Tradestation-related purposes. If your totally clueless about it, and don't want to take the time to teach it to yourself, you could probably find some starving student type who could work up the basic formats and give you instructions in a single afternoon. It's probably possible to have most if not all of the work done "automatically," but that's above my level of expertise.
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    Terra Nova Online has developed a powerful tool for traders to monitor their accounts and evaluate the performance of their trades and trading styles. From your post it seems our Trade Evaluator report is exactly what you are looking for. As many know, being able to objectively measure the strengths and weakness of your trading technique is an important aspect of becoming a better trader. This is the primary reason we designed this report for our traders.

    Here’s a quick breakdown:

    · Long vs. Short
    · Shares Traded
    · Share Price
    · Terms of Trade
    · Minutes in Day Trade
    · Time Sector
    · Trades by SYMBOL
    · Trades by type
    · Industry Description

    Performance Summary – which includes:

    · Total Net Profit
    · Winning Trades
    · Largest Winning Trade
    · Losing Trades
    · Largest Losing Trades
    · And more…

    We actually had a chat last month on Elite Trader discussing the features this report offers, you can check out the transcript from If you have any questions, please let me know.


  5. Thanks. I've seen the trading analysis report you're referring to and its exactly what I'd like. As slick as it is , however, I do not want to move my account from TradeStation to TerraNova.