Trading alone vs with small group

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  1. Just wanted to know if there are traders on here who trade in small groups of 2-10 traders?
    Do you trade individual accts?
    Share accts., other resources?
    Trade the same exact instruments or diversify among the whole group?
    Is there 1 or more person(s) who is considered the group leader that gives "direction" to the others?
    Do you trade in a professional office or home office?
    Do you feel this is a more successful approach than going the lone route?

    Thnx for the input everybody!
  2. Short answer: no.

    Good luck IndexTrader,

  3. Yes, I can say it can be called an "strategy" on it's own
    if Trading with other group.

    Unforunatly I have met few traders in my life, and this was
    what all Of them saying to me:

    -How it is going?
    -Are you profitable?
    -Sorry, i am too busy to meet up?
    All of them were searching for one holy grail.

    Trading with other traders reduce the learning curve, and
    make you keep more focus and intersted for Trading business.

    I was always looking for a trading buddies, but not over the net.
    I guess few traders lives in my time zone
  4. "Being part of a crowd seldom ends as a success." :cool:

    Just picked this up from heilbronner.
  5. I have not read this book or whatever. But i guess arthour
    means that wallstreet will benifit from what public is thinking
    and they react.

    Do you have some secrets or technique that don't want to
    share on ET, because it's valuable to you? Sure others have
    too. The only way for you to share them is through mutual
  6. Maybe for the guy who feels "he's a poor lonesome trader" :D

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    I am in a little chat room that exploded into a huge chat room. We ended up having to moderate it, and it still is very distracting to say the least. Everyone split into separate rooms and now I have 5 conversations running at once. Not conducive to trading.

    I end up opening a PM to one person and just talking to them which works really well.

    But when it was small, I learned a lot from the other traders. It was just wonderful.:)
  8. Hi Nana,

    I don't know whether heilbronner has written any books. He is simply one of our fellow ET members and posted this today or yesterday.

    As to your second question, I stick rigorously to ET etiquette on this. I mainly avoid posting crap. :p

    Be good,

  9. Both work.
  10. rwk


    I think trading is inherently a lonely business. Other people think what we are attempting is foolhardy, unless they know we are successful. Then they envy us. I don't wish to be pitied as a fool, nor to be wheedled and pleaded to share my "secrets".

    If I associate with other traders, I usually end up talking about trading and risk overdosing on it. I also have to be very guarded in what I say about my scalping methods, especially around other traders. I have finally something that seems to work, but it wouldn't take much to ruin it.

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