Trading alone or with other??

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    How many of you prefer to trade in isolation??? I have always traded in an office surrounded by other traders and feel that it has been more of hindrance than it has been helpful. It is hard enough dealing with ones own psychology, but when you have to deal with other peoples shit, it has, for me at least, made things more difficult.

    Anyone have any experience trading both with others and on there own?? Which do you prefer???

    Any comments are welcome.


    I traded in an office for 2+ years and have traded alone for 8 years. I prefer the isolation. I can concentrate better and am not tempted to jump in on other guys trades that may have already moved a bit. Just able to focus better at home.
  3. Sounds like you've decided to trade on your own after weighing the advantages and disadvantages on trading with other traders in an office.

    I've done all three (there is another option as explained below) and prefer trading alone simply because I'm more productive and prefer the home office to be closer to my family.

    However, once the kids get older, I'll get an office away from home...within walking distance or biking distance (exercise is good).

    What you need to do is determine the disadvantages and advantages of trading at home or in your own office versus that of trading in an office with other traders.

    Also, there's a huge difference in trading at home if your single and have no roommates versus trading at home with a family (spouse and kids).

    I've done all three.

    * Trading in an office with others.

    Counter productive for my personality even though others seem to benefit nicely from such.

    * Trading at home when I was single.

    Extremely productive and I was literally studying/trading the markets 12-15 hours per day and could trade any trading instrument.

    * Trading at home with a family (my current status).

    Very productive but I must remain more organize and ensure the family understands my work schedule.

    More noisy, easier to get distracted and because of such, there's a mandatory quiet time in the house between 0900am - 11am est which if one of my critical trading periods and market preparation.

    A better understanding what I'm trading for and why this needs to be treated as a business.

    However, I'm unable to trade my favorite trading instruments because I just don't have the energy level to get up to trade between 2am - 5am est for Eurex and Euronext in comparison to when I was single.

    Therefore, I trade the CME Emini Futures because it fits my personal/family schedule.

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    Thanks for the responses. Its good to hear some other perspectives on the subject. I guess i know that being alone would be the best option for me. Ive been trading for 4+ years in an office and have only trading remotely a few times. But I am constantly distracted by the people around me. Not even considering trading, just people having conversations at 9:31 can be a bit distracting. If im aware of them then Im not 100% focused on my trades. Dont know why Im indecisive about making this decision, but im going to do it anyway. I think its that most people ive known have benefited from trading around others, so i feel like maybe i would be missing something, but it seems that i lose more money then I make as a result of my involvement with others.

  5. I trade alone. Easier to think and trade contrary to public opinion that way.
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    thank Mark. I share your opinion ( and others posters): prefer to do it alone. As I am single, all is fine during Mkt hours. The problem surface after the battle: no possibility to take a glass or good food with others traders...
    It's a loss... but I have a slight hedge: ET. ignore the monkeys and focus on the true traders and the value guys: they are here, and this made ET something unique in the universe of trading.
    For the newbies, the presence of monkeys in the jungle of ET is a very good new: they will save you many money.
    As long as they can catch you emotionally (fight or fly) you are not yet ready : the market will eat you alive.
    So, use the monkeys without moderation : it's a free service of ET. Beware: some have a pretty smart trader outfit and are very skilled.
    Back on the topic: Mark, can you please elaborate why Eurex and Euronext are your favorite trading instruments?
    Have a nice day.
  7. alone , no one could stand to be around me !
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    There is a 3rd choice, physically alone (home) but still connected to a few traders.(phone,chat,IM)

    This way you get best of both words, you can always turn them off when they start to get distracting, but you have someone to share ideas, killing time....