Trading Agent Chat

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by theShadow, Jul 30, 2003.

  1. OK $200 per trader per month for the agent.

    For 100 traders, thats $20,000 per month - not bad...

    My question is...

    Does the funding source benefit from ticket volume?

    I'm sure these guys are smart enough to get a kick back on tickets. Even .0005 per share is alot of money on 1M shares per month.

    Ticket charges are unheard of at most props. Especially with the partial fills these days.

    By the way NEW TRADERS - beware of minimum ticket charges per transaction. Before I had assumed that .70 per sh was my rate on the contract. But later on a $1 min. ticket charge was tacked on. In other words, the first 100 shares was at .01, regardless. In turn my 300-700 shares per trade was at a much higher average rate, especially if I got partial fills at different prices.

    And, where do the ECN rebates go? ECNs pay orders that add liquidity.
  2. I meant I had a rate of .007 not .07 per sh