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  1. I have not traded for close to 3yr. I've kept abreast of the market, but have had my interests elsewhere.

    Back in 2007 Tradestation, Esignal were 2 of the best softwares for intraday trading. Tradestation used to cut you good deals on the software if you traded through them (but gouged you on the broker fee's).

    I was planning on using Think or Swim, but it seems they have been bought over and their software is now unstable.

    ----What are good broker/software combos out there? I'd like to use a broker that offers great charting software.

    -What are the options most people are using nowdays?

    -------I'll be trading stocks, some futures and some options. Sometimes daytrading, but no manic intraday scalping.
  2. welcome back to trading! if you only need eod data i'd suggest using ninjatrader w/ kinetick (free). tos is ok for anything other than intraday trading.
  3. After using all sorts of expensive and fancy stuff in the past I now use yahoo! finance and I update my data files manually. Yes, manually. There is a reason for that. Automation forces you to lose perspective and context. When you do it manually, you think.

    Charting. I use what is available in the web and not very often. Charting is the epitomy of illusion. Only level 1 and 2 traders look at charts for entries. I look only for major s&r levels.

    I use a stand alone program to scan for price patterns and I also use its tracking to check for signals. TS, NT and the likes are a huge waste of time for me.

    Instead of watching quotes and charts I spend most of my day calculating probabilities. I only trade when the odds are in my favor, like on Thursday with QQQ:
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    If you are doing EOD trading, any broker web based platform is fine for that. You can supplement that with the NinjaTrader platform for analysis. This is free. In addition, the Kinetick EOD service is built right into NinjaTrader 7 and its free to us as well.