trading after having a nightmare

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by SethArb, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. wanted to tell the ET community about something

    I had I guess a bad night of sleep and had some
    nightmare or something that woke me up a bit earlier than
    I might have wanted to wake up

    decided to trade a little and lost close to 2K

    while I do not feel sorry for myself
    after having made close to 10K last week
    I do wonder if what happened here
    has happened to other traders

  2. Bob111


    happened to me many times, but not trading related.
    i'm very firm believer that there is some signs or warnings can be given/seen in dreams.
  3. jho


    If you pull the blankets over your head the monsters under your bed won't be able to get you. Seriously! :p

    I think it may have had something to do with being tired? I am a horrible trader when I don't have enough sleep. I don't follow my plan, get scared out of positions easily and get gun shy. Never a good idea to trade tired ... well for me at least.
  4. sometimes I leave the plasma on, and the channel on at the current moment inputs into my dreams. Usually its bloomberg or CNBC, sometimes other channels.

    also, if there is a upcoming report, and I'm focused on it, a scenario plays out during the dream about the report. When its happening, I have some notion its a dream, but sometimes, the dream seems real.

    they say that if you have problems in your life, and upset about something, you shouldn't trade till you resolve them. And if the dream was upsetting enough, then maybe a good choice would have been not to trade.

    but it doesn't matter, the only thing that stops me is fatigue. And at that point money is not worth it.

    and oh yeah, the playboy channel does input into the dream too.
  5. Absolutely true. My solution is to arise early enough (2 hours before the bell) to exorcise the demons with a good breakfast, light exercise, soothing music and my PMA mantras. That plus a few minutes on ET to raise some belly laughs at the errant stupidity!
  6. Did you do anything differently, not honor a stop, lack of a plan, etc. Also, dreams are a lot of time trying to work out confilct in your daily life. When I was younger I had a job as a gardener, I would mow and water grass for hours and hours at a time. When I went to sleep all I would see is grass, same with the market, after a really busy day as a clerk I would have to check all the tickets for the various accounts and sure enough all I would see is tickets, its some kind of memory thing. I wonder if you are conflicted about current trades or maybe its time for a break.
  7. did not do much different ... and have since then made back 1/2 of the earlier loss today but the problem is the people who
    gave me the nightmare know my positions

    just kidding ... but seriously ... the market makers whom
    I call the dark side ... do from time to time try to give other traders nightmares by squeezing one side or the other
    before reversing the spike up or dump down
    so I do try to play their game or not get too much
    caught from their playing their games
    still since I have limited pools of money
    compared to them ... its always a battle to take
    their money

  8. I have the opposite dreams where I make more $ in a day than I know what to do with, and spend the afternoon riding up and down the highway, slowing down traffic in my cherry red Ferrari F430 (1 of my many cars) that I paid cash for. AHH! :) life at the top.