Trading after FND - first notice day

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    I have an account at IB and there it isn't allowed to trade after the first notice day.
    Now I heared that some other brokers offer trading the days between FND and last trading day. At these other brokers do you always have the risk of assignment or will the margin requirements rise after FND or can you "normally" trade after FND?

    Thanks for your help
  2. 1) Yes, yes and probably yes. :cool:
    2) What's your interest in trading spot month futures? :confused:
    3) When something "bad" eventually happens to you because of a crappy cash market delivery, you'll lose the urge to trade during that time interval. :D :p :( :mad:
  3. ========
    1]Great points Nazzdack . I assume Ben meant to post this in metal derivatives section.{Futures are not really about the future;
    past & present mostly}

    2]I like the spot month,/chart mainly for price info/price recording;
    IB has quite a few risk controls ''built in'' I seldom disagree with them...IB derivative volume can be understated, but I still like them...

    3]It was not so much taking delivery that hurt them;
    that is done all the time.It was not so much the cash markets;
    not so much the trend. .The trend is still your friend. It was the size/leverage of the Bunker Hunt silver buys....Wisdom is profitable to direct
  4. I was alluding to getting delivered the worst quality of commodity at the worst possible delivery location. Cash-market guys can have a knack for doing "that" to the longs. :( :mad: