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  1. Is there something called trading addiction? I think so.
    It means there's people when they don't trade, there hands shake. They need to trade, not for living, but for their life. If they don't trade they fall into depression. The danger is real. Trading addiction is as dangerous as drugs, cigarettes, or alcohol addiction. I think alot of traders don't realize that too much trading can be very harmful not just to their money, but also their health. Saturday and Sunday are horrific for the trading-addicted. They can't wait until Monday. They lose all semblance of social life and are consumed into studying candlesticks, reading stock sites and blogs, and visiting trading forums.

    I can give you this one advice. When you feel like you have to trade, just to get by your day, you're addicted. You need help.
  2. sounds like you need a physical sport to practice.
  3. no choice. most great traders are obsessed, they have no life whatsoever, this is the price traders pay
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    Given good books on trading psychology liken trading to gambling, there must be such thing as trading addiction.
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    Yes, there is trading addiction, After a while his or her account
    will be $0.00

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    I have an addiction to winning:)
    But somehow today it aint happening. I had a fantastic month in April till fri, and it has sucked since. :mad:
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    I'm definitely addicted... or perhaps it's simply love. I have no problem admitting this. Half the reason I trade FX is because it's open 5/24. I love that and it makes the weekens all that more painful but at least Asia opens Sunday night!
  9. I think it is possible to be addicted to trading, even though you are successful... I spend WAAAAY too much time thinking about trades and watching L2, probably to the point that I am addicted...

    The fact that I am up 450,000$ this year still doesn't change the fact that I am addicted and I need to work on that...

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    I beg to differ. All of the great traders I know have "lives." You need to find a balance.
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