Trading a range-bound ES market

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  1. Having problems here as contrasted to a trending mkt. Thinking S/R and trendlines might be useful. Anyone use STO,RSI,CCI or other indicators that they find helpful?
    Also,the timing of entering eg @R is another issue for me. I often wait for initial weakness to be priced into the contract before entering...and possibly add on further weakness. Any suggestions/insights on productive timing,entering? Thx. BLTA...
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  3. The Japanese Candlestick hammer patterns are suitable for such and you can use the range of their long shadows as s/r zones to look for trade signals later in the trading day if such signals occurs within the range of those long shadows...

    If the above thread looks inactive...its not because its very active via either pm or email.

    If you have any questions...please include chart examples.

    Just remember, you may see something as a range bound market while someone else see's a trend simply because you two are using different chart intervals.

  4. Mark,

    Please correct me if I am wrong but Candlesticks are interpreted based on the price bar they are overlayed on correct? If the price bar is created using minute charts the interpretation is flawed because the servers that spew out the data, very the data and the time it sends it out. Besides, Markets aren't traded in Time that are traded in shares or contracts. (This is verifiable from the data providers, not something I pulled out of thin air). If the Candlesticks are created on a Tick Chart that interpretation is flawed because GLOBEX recently eliminated the constant Tick Charts in favor of a manually created feed environment to smooth their servers out (again verifiable through the data providers). This being the case the ONLY Chart that will accurately interpret Candlesticks, consistently would be Volume or Contract Bars because they are strictly and flawlessly based on the exact number of contracts or shares traded per bar . . . correct.
  5. Candlesticks are toys, use bar charts for real trading.......:p
  6. :confused: What are you trading? The S&P, NYComp, Smallcaps, Midcaps, Russel, etc. have been in a pretty nice uptrend for quite awhile.
  7. =============

    Think I see your points;
    probably one of several reasons why dont use 1 minute candles much :D

    As a practical matter, thanks for that;
    dont think in a practical trading plan its enough to make a difference, for my time frame , for sure.

    To answrer the S & R question, not sure if thats the main problem, most everything has been trending, but;
    1 hour candles/bars are excellant for S&R.

    Try that