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  1. I havn't had a "real job" in over a year. It's going to take more time before I can do this full time, however now that I've gotten used to all this independence and freedom, I dont want to get a real job, even though I know I need one.

    .. Are there any trading related jobs for someone who doesn't have a degree, and someone who doesn't live in NY?


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  4. Is this guy a NYSE floor trader?

    Nice colors!

    Great uniform!
  5. Is there such a thing as a Floor Trader "Fluffer"?:eek: :eek: :eek:
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  7. (sigh) :(
  8. Sorry to hear it didnt work out as quicly as you hoped.

    Was in same situation as you back in 2002.

    Best to go back and do what you were doing before, and give it another go when you are capitalised again.
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    I guess you are 38 yo (4 years older than me), and trading is like doing your MBA, can take several years to figure it out, the longer you stay out of day job the harder it gets to go back, Now you decide?
  10. I say get back as soon as possible other wise it will be too hard
    Situtation is not the same as it use to be before
    Everything is expensive now ( living Food and life will get harder
    I was in your situtation i had to work so many part time job u have no idea
    No one said life is easy
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