Trading A Dead Cat Bounce? ...same as catching a falling knife?

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    Trading A Dead Cat Bounce?
    What's the difference from catching a falling knife?
    Short Duration Traders, Let the Dead Cat Bounce, no catching involved?
    Wait for Felix to ascend to the Resistance zone? Watch for a Continuation setup to the downside?
    Any more detailed vids, links, articles, advice, techniques, methods, favorite vehicles, setups, entry triggers, exits, stories?
    Any tips, tricks & traps are fair game.
    Readers know that mileage may vary from one case to another. quite a bit.

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  2. All these past annotations as if they had any significance for the future /smh
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    The theory is, if dropped high enough even a dead cat will bounce and it works most of the time.

    Used to trade DCB's via Stocks all the time, there HIGH Risk many delist without a bounce, 1 made me 10x's in 2 days I got lucky and out right before the delist, 1 delisted literally 2mins after I got in and lost 99%.

    I called a DCB for a mate, he got in £1.15 £100K's worth, got him to buy more @£0.15 ( the DCB bit ), ran back to £0.50 area about 2K short of getting into profit, held it back to £0.00 and blew 130K muppet.

    Do them with gambling money for fun along side real money trades IMHO!
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    Glad you didn't learn / apply this about this 2 weeks ago. :D

  6. Wonder how many got "Cordier-ed" lately? Bet this line of thinking wiped out a few: "No way oil is going this low..."

    Be careful out there!
  7. By definition, they both result in losing trades. But if you consider the metaphors then you will see that the conditions for entry are different.
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    what is your method?
    do you recommending buying dcb using your method?
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    Just used to wait for volume to spike then add as it went down, 18years back, only with play money, real beaten penny stocks.
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    Hi Easymon1 maybe start with a chart - all indicators are price based...what are you actually looking for...dcb chart...can you show me that chart and your thinking...on a low time frame :)
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