trading a big account vs. small

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ggoyal, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. ggoyal


    Do you think it is easier to trade a small account like maybe 25-30 or trade a 400k-500k?
  2. cold


    your question is beyond slow but I will answer it

    once trading large acc

    you go higher timeframe

    guess what happens. you got time now and are making more money

    so it depends

    use your head before asking questions, I can't go around always answering

    give me a break man, I need a vacation
  3. ggoyal


    would you believe this idiot? hijacking my post.

    why are you always offensive and rude? its usually because you are uncomfortable with yourself. sorry man, ull get over it.
  4. cold


    I've made no hiding of the fact that I am not a happy fellow

    but your question in this thread is stupid

    I mean come on man

    what if I gave you 200 k you would say

    no thanks it might be harder to trade

    if YM has 30-50 contracts per point

    well you want to execute 200 cars

    well guess what, its harder

    but if you go higher timeframe, its easy
  5. cold is right. you wasting peoples time w questions like this. clearly, all other things being equal, its easier w smaller account than larger.

    also, 400 or 500k is large account? heh...
  6. ggoyal


    then why bother answering if it's a waste of time? I see topics that are useless and never click on it because they are not worth my time.

    But I guess my post was worth your time since you bothered to answer. That means you both don't have anything better to do.

  7. The best way to trade a larger amount of money is to diversify it amongs different markets, strategies and time-frames.

    If you can split it up amongst different traders, that would be cool too.
  8. gg,

    Think in terms of economies of scale. It’s more difficult to provide return on larger sums.

    Cold is just a bitter attention seeker don’t let the little people of the world, like that get to you.

    To help you visualize it expand your question a bit. How hard would it be to provide return on 1 million vs. say 100 million? With one million you're still a pipsqueak in the market but with 100 million you're starting to talk about some money now. You're not going to trade one single product and you’re going to have to learn how to work into and out of positions.

    Looking at the depth of the market the difference in say 30k and 300k is nothing, unless you trade some very very illiquid garbage stocks.
  9. Brandonf

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    More money, more problems. Pretty simple, it applies in life and trading. Of course the opposite is less money, and I'd much rather have the more money problems myself.

  10. I agree with what you are saying. Just so that noone else is confused though, when you say 'think of economies of scale', that is suggesting that bigger account / more money is *easier* to trade. Economies of scale suggests power/advantage through greater size. The spirit of your post is the opposite of economies of scale - diseconomies of scale - greater size is a disadvantage.

    You and I are in agreement though..
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