Trading 5000 blocks, still use IB?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by qll, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. no serious players use ib.
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  2. True.
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  3. dhpar


    what do they use?
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  4. NickPhil


    The previous 2-3 years and I suppose for the next few years to come I will mostly be invested in commodity companies, ETFs and I will open again positions in energy stocks.
    I consider myself investor and not a trader, i.e. I trade seldom. However, I enter into a company not at once but I perform several purchases.

    E-Trade offers complete fraud guarantee. What you guys think about this offer.
    Consider what happened recently:

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  5. NickPhil


    I don’t know how to play this game successful, and I really don’t now many others that are successful playing this game either; that’s why I prefer to invest in cheep companies with good fundamentals and trustworthy management.
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    another false statement.
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  7. Not sure of your definition of serious but I know firsthand several very profitable players at IB. I make some decent cash there myself.

    Some things IB does better, some things are better done elsewhere. There's no law against having more than one broker. For example, IB has an excellent API that really works well for my style of trading. But some things are better accomplished elsewhere and that part of my business goes to those places.
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  8. I agree... but after the increase to 50 BP I will also be leaving... IB's fee have gotten crazy ever since announcing the intention to go public... their fees aren't even competitive anymore for a bigger trader... sorry IB but it's time to move on, you guys are getting greedy and moving away from your original model.
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  9. "cheep companies with good fundamentals and trustworthy management"

    Isn't that an oxymoron?
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  10. what do u trade? penny stocks?
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