Trading 500 stocks in one account

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  1. Does anyone know whether there are any accounts where you can trade 5-600 stocks in one account using a fix connection? Im with I.B and in order to do this I would need 5 seperate connections at 100 USD a pop per month each plus 500 connection fee each. Although this is not THAT bad i thought maybe someone might know of a better deal where your not limited to 100 symbols per account and the fees are lower? Advice would be great...
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    I've never heard of a 100-stock limit to an account before -- must be specific to IB (?).

    I think any of Genesis, Assent, Lime, or Lightspeed probably would satisfy your criteria, provided they give you the type of FIX connection that you need (not all FIX connections are created equal -- look at their respective FIX specs online -- and brokers don't always let all clients have FIX). Call them and ask, if you're interested.
  3. don't know how it works out for FIX, but with DDE (IB) you get more symbols if you generate a certain amount of commish per month. i think it is extra 100 symbols per each $800 (previous month).
  4. I trade at least 500 stocks daily with IB and don't pay any "per 100" fees other than commissions.

    TWS is great for doing 100's of stocks with 1 mouse click.

    Where did you get the "5 or 6 connections" from?
  5. i did not say you pay extra. but you need a certain level of commish in the previous month to get simultaneous qoutes via DDE for more than 100 stocks.
  6. I'm curious why you'd want to trade 100's of stocks at once.
  7. Thanks guys. Actually I just want to paper trade that many not actually trade so thats why its gonna be expensive since your only allowed 100 for 100 dollars unless you generate x amount of commish.
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    Read the IB website again.
  9. Im a little confused Tums. Are you saying that I can paper trade over 100? As far as I know thats the limit.