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  1. Some ET members are prone to childish ad hominem attacks.

    Some behave like 10 year old children.

    It's embarrassing.

    I suspect they are frustrated and bewildered by the market and not capable of shorting.

    These individuals must be very unpleasant to live and work with.

    Maybe they will be happier if they left the markets.

    New traders be careful: trading and emotional outbursts do not mix.

    Don't take the market so personally like some here on ET.
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  3. Yes, I guess that's one way to drive the markets down. If everybody who dislikes GrandSuperPoop were to sell their shares and leave the markets, that would definately send us down below the 03/2009 low. :D

    So we now have five active GrandSuperPoop threads at the top of the forum????
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    This belongs in Chit Chat.

    Once again Grand is shting on Baron's front porch.
  5. congrats ! Grandsupercycle has just been added to my ignore list !
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  7. I'm not sure what benefit there is having this man child posting on the site. I would have thought insulting a sponsor and spamming them with apology requests would be enough.

    I posted last year that I believed this idiot would stop at no length to maintain the FRAUD he is pursueing. Whenever he starts losing on all of his trades ( not an uncommon state ), he goes a little psychotic in this pursuit. Check out how some sociopathic criminals react once they are caught and they exhibit similar behaviour.
  8. Further childish ad hominem commentary only confirms what I've said.

  9. This is what happens when you become emotionally entangled with a challenging market.
    Frustration manifesting as unwise trollery.

    bwolinsky most foolishly states:
    'You are short from 1341. This is not a new entry, and didn't need any new reiteration..'

    You're getting as bad as Nine_Ender.
    Do your homework better next time.
    I feel sorry for your paying clients.

    <a href="">BWOLINSKY FAIL . .</a>
  10. Where do you get off reviving a 9 day old thread with this stupid, idiotic nonsense?

    GrandSuperPooper, get stuffed!
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