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  1. Ive been doing ok the last few months. Progress has been slow but steady. Last week I came across an interesting chat room and got in for a trial. I get lonely trading at home and am constantly looking for company so I do a lot of free trials. This is a small room but there are half dozen very good traders there who make very good money. They trade a few other contracts than I do and I got caught up in the feeding frenzy trading instruments that I am not familiar with and while they made money, I lost it. Another wonderful lesson from Mother Market. Tommorrow I go back to my routine chastened once again.
  2. Why not trade the markets or vehicles that YOU are comfortable with rather than follow the chat room traders?

    -FastTrader :cool:
  3. One way or another, we always look within ourselves and go back to the basics.
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    Isn't it true that people who can't make money trading become vendors?!
  5. As long as their making money.

    Trading isn't for everyone.


  6. Good point, everyone's gotta find their niche.
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    That is true. Although most chat room gurus claim they are great traders! I have yet to hear one admit he/she doesn't/can't trade but knows enough to teach!!
  8. Yes. That is my point. Every time I get away from what I know I get burned. Im very hard-headed. I want it NOW! But of course thats not the way it works.

  9. Maybe you should paper-trade when trying new/different markets? I know I wouldn't jump into an unfamiliar market without properly studying it first. Also, try trading without the chat room one day. Bet you'll do better! For boredom/entertainment, just pay a visit to the Chit Chat section on Elite Trader.

  10. Whenever I try something different, I always play it small. It's a good way to get some experience without having any lasting damaging effects.
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