trading 100k cash acct.

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  1. Hi.If u would have a 100k cash in your acct. how would u trade ?daytrade, swing, position?
  2. Take 10k, learn how to trade. Don't plan on mega-bucks. Just try to learn how to trade. You will most likely lose all 10k but you will hopefully learn something.

    After you have a plan, trade anther 10k. See how you do.

    If you still have no plan, you only lost 20k (10k + 10k) and take your other 80k and move on.
  3. hey men thanks for your wonderful advice.
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    I think that the best system for any trader is one that fits your personality best, and has nothing to do with account size. I enjoy the math and the intricacies and flexibility of futures options, and so that's what I trade. I am a lousy day trader, a worse scalper, and not very good at picking market direction, so the flexibility works well for me. I would trade exactly the same way (except for position size) whether trading 10K or 1M. I think you need to find what fits best, and sometimes that takes a while. For me, it took about 4 or 5 years to finally accept what I did badly and get comfortable pushing myself with the things I did well.
    Good luck!
  5. Agree totally here and this is the problem: it takes time to find out what works and what does not work for you. Difficult to know in advance. One has to find it for him(her)self. This is why it is important to start small during this trial and error time.
  6. Buy QQQQs for 200k and goto sleep for a few months.

    Wake up and you will have made 40-50%.
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    I would take 50% of the bankroll and place it into an Index Credit Spread every month. You can go OTM enough to make 5%-7% and still have quite a bit of protection.
    Easy method to make an additional $2 -3K a month.

    At least that is my plan next year or two when I get my account up to that level.

    My 2 cents....
  8. Can you explain this?

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    He is talking about selling option credit speads on an index (like SPX, NDX or RUT). Not a risk free method by any means.
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    I would try futures....highly leveraged markets...have to know what you are doing though. Agree that you should start slow...don't start throwing big numbers around no matter what you choose to do
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