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    1. Do you offer naked selling

    2. Do you have add liquidity only routes , specifically for nasdaq
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    3. Does "Customer Satisfaction" include sexual favors? If not, why not?

  3. I traded with them when my accozunt was below 25k for PDT reasons. I can't recommend. Execution is horrible (sometimes no fills even with market orders), hidden fees, always extremly delayed data and charting is horrible. To avoid PDT it is A LOT of pain.
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    Tradezero u.s there is no avoiding pdt. I think the Fee schedule is different from tradezero outside u.s. And every front end I've ever used has been a piece of shot at some point ( sterling, laser, lightspeed, etc ect) all fantastic products, but all have had their fair share of moments.

    To reititirate:

    1. Naked selling?
    2. Add liquidity only orders as a routing option specifically nsdq