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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Citoyen, Feb 10, 2021.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I am not sure how many of you use the broker Tradezero, but those that do are probably having the same technical issues.

    The problem starts at market opening, execution becomes impossible. It has happened a couple of times, buy order pass and then you cannot exit the trade. Today it happened again, after sending the sell order it took approx 8 minutes to exit the position which caused me the loss of 300 USD. I know that this amount is immaterial loss for some people on this forum, but for me who opened a 6k account to practice the daytrading - it is not. Not to mention, after this happens (or even doesn`t have to end in a loss at all) I become highly emotional and it basically ruins the trading for the day. So I finally decided that, if I cannot trade in power hour when volatility is at highest level, better to quit trading at all.

    My only problem is that I have an account below PDT rule (I live in Europe) and it is not easy to find an offshore alternative. Also, I am aware that Tradezero is not the only broker that has such technical issues. I am very disappointed and wonder if there is any solution for me to get into the day trading practice before or without putting 25k with a pro broker.
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    Maybe day trade but don't begin till after the opening volatility is over. Not sure what your strategy is but there are probably other set ups that you can use to avoid the wide markets on the open.
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    There have been a combination of internal issues and those of downstream providers at the open the last couple of days. Everything within our power is being done to ensure a smooth open tomorrow and going forward.
  4. Is TradeZero pro is actully Das trader ? what time i can start trading in your plateform? and do you have Hot buttons ( i don't mean Hot key ) with Zero web or Zero Pro ?
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    Thanks for the reply Dan, but this problem persists for at least one month. It started with GME and AMC halts last month and it looked like a one time issue. However, it still occurs from time to time like today.
  6. What about IBKR? I rarely had trouble with Opening trades and that’s with 10-20 plus trades firing off scaling up or down. Too dangerous trading if no confirmations after executions.
  7. Waiting for reply ..Thank you

  8. Waiting for reply ..Thank you
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    Worst broker ever.. I’ve lose well over 6 figures due to unavailability to exit the trades shortly after 9.30am!! Scammers!!
  10. If they sponsoring this forum, they should reply to messges ... i got private message from other ET members that this broker doesn't care to respond
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