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  1. elguapo


    1. Can you sell naked puts/calls
    2. Portfolio margining?
    3. Is there a commission applied to sub 100 odd lot shares. Example buy 9 shares ge

    I realize there are different rules applied to the non usa tradezero.
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    - At the moment TradeZero will only offer single-legged options. Buy put, sell put, buy call, sell call.
    - Margin account will have 2:1 and PDT account $25,000.00+ will be given 4:1
    - No commission applies to sub 100 odd lot shares. You will receive free commission trading as long as the stock is NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX listed and is above $1. Stock below that, or any OTC stock " If you trade any" charge 0.002 per share.

    The margin and pricing structure above applies only to TradeZero America.

    let me know if you have any other questions regarding options or our pricing.