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    He reads the wires, but he also has some direct sources for a few items.

    He has been known to jump a Fed rate change by a few seconds, and he has some good sources on oil numbers.

    He was the original news reader at the Houston Momentum office back in the good old days, and the bottom line is that he is one of the best, most experienced news readers out there.
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  2. Hubert


    last thing i heard was that they were bought out by

    they will sell to siganl person you dont have to be a group
    last i heard anyway

    i like it he is pretty good
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  3. somone. Unless your trading remotely, I dont think he will sell it
    unless your whole group buys it,,, He dosent have the greatest personality to deal with but what can you say,,,,its a great service
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  4. Casey30


    I believe they will sell it to individuals trading remotely. However if you are in prop trading, which I am, they will NOT sell it to you unless your firm buys licenses for everyone at the firm. They also have very poor customer service. As for the service, I am sure that it is very good. I have not been able to find anyone else offering a compareable service.
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  5. Hubert


    soory that me remote

    hermit in front of pc 16-18 hours a day
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    Ideas on trading fast breaking News Events..?
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