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  1. Casey30


    Hey, does anyone have any info on this site? Is it good? Is the news that is broadcasted timely? What is the actual cost of the service? Is it worth it?

    Thanks Again.
  2. it is worth every penny
    @500 month
  3. Stay away from TradetheNews....

    We want to continue to have an edge, right OVERtheLINE?
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    Thanks for the info
  5. Casey30


    Are the other compareable or better services out there that run around 500 bucks a month or less. I am looking for a news service that is really good for individual stock news.

  6. Still slower than having a news guy in your group but cheaper and better than a stick in the eye.

    I've compared their service with our newsguy and it's a little slower but a good service.

    I wish the guy would just spit the news out faster when he/she would read it.
  7. Casey30


    Looks like they aren't interested in offering their service to individual traders. They would only offer it if my entire firm would subscribe to it.
  8. frankly, he's kind of a putz. he just makes it really tough to deal with him.
  9. cashonly

    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

    Is it audio or Text?
  10. audio. he reads the headlines off of the major wires
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