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  1. was wondering whether anyone is familiar with the manual. i'm learning more about fibs and see that the site is recommended by couple traders.

    i've tried to contact kernan but no reply so would anyone care to share info?

    i read on the site that the manual is about 40 pages detailing fib method for $125? do the 40 pages contain large fonts and big charts to take up space like many books offered by just curious.
  2. Babak


    Goog thing I did a search!

    So does anyone have anything good/bad to say about's offering?

  3. sizetrade, I am really surprised to hear Kernan did not get back to you. I used to email him on a regular basis, and he was always very responsive. My last communciation was well over a year ago, but still I am surprised.

    As far as the material, if you want to learn a few interesting Fib strategies it is good stuff. If you are already very proficient at Fibs, you may not get a lot. But overall it is quality material.
  4. I recommend it. Kernan always answers emails, and the material is excellent.

    Snoop is right - if you are a Fibonacci expert you may not get a lot, although he does have strategies you may not have thought of...