Tradethemarkets online seminar.

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Boib, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. Boib


    Anyone take the "free to members" online live seminar that was offered Sunday and Monday?

    It was offered to non members for $2995.00

    I took a trial membership to see what one should expect from an online seminar. Glad I didn't spend any money.

    I had bought Carters book and thought it worthwhile. One of the better trading books out there. What was offered in the seminar was a rehash of the book and the videos available on their website.

    Has anyone had any good experiences taking either live or online seminars or courses?
  2. Neet



    Not particularly.
  3. The book is the SAME exact material that is in his 12 DVD set. And also the SAME exact material that is in his other 3 day pre-recorded seminar which both cost over 1K. But it is good learning in the books, CD, and DVD's. If somebody prefers to learn from CD's and DVD's vs. book reading, then they should get them, even though the book cost only 20.00 and the DVD's cost $2,000.00. IT IS THE SAME EXACT MATERIAL. But the material is very good.

    Thank you John and Hubert for making them available to us. You both do an excellent job at explaining how to trade in "simple and easy to understand" language. Your book is VERY good. I hope you write another one soon.
  4. squall


    I have the forex seminar that they used to sell for $800 that if I can find it I will gladly burn and send to each and every one of you. It is just crazy how much they charge for the info...