TradeTheMarkets(Hubert)trading room ?

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  1. Anybody used this on a consistent basis?Results? Feedback?
    I did an abbreviated trial and Hubert seems to be quite successful and a good teacher also.
    John Carter was more Forex I think.
  2. agree with the above statement.........HOWEVER....... it isn't for people who have to think and analyse before pulling the trigger..... your're either quick or your dead. You may find yourself getting ready to enter a trade that he called.... and before you even hit the buy button... he's already selling half. Best to watch his methology for a long time..... you will then be able to see things like he does. He only uses 10 pt stops on YM.... John on the other hand may use as much as 50 to 100 pts for swing trades...................... If you ever get their two methods mixed up for analysis for any reason................ R.I.P

    Overall.... i feel they are the best there is right now..... just understand the ... what, when, where, why...... before dipping your toes......... hope this helps. :cool:
  3. do you have link to his site?
  4. Sign up for his free video tutorial. Sometimes Hubert covers good topics. I use it as a way to get new/different trading ideas.
  5. Hubert and John are both excellent traders, with sound trading methodology and excellent instruction. I can't recommend their site enough.

    My style is of course different from both of them, but I learned a lot from watching them trade, and watching their videos.

    Yes, Hubert is more of a scalper than John.

    John's analysis of pivot point techniques is very good as well
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    I personally jibe with John more. His thought process behind his picks are very clear and concise. They both use Camtasia to present their ideas visually.

    Until I read John's book, Mastering the Trade. I thought their site was just another one of many. Both of them are definitely traders. They're constantly looking for great risk/reward opportunity.

    I went to John's talk on Gap plays during the NY Traders' Expo. Good practical information. You get the feeling that he's constantly looking for something that works and dumping any BS.
  7. I would not recommend buying any indicators from their website. They are all available for free at tradestaion forums.
  8. I just want to say I tested one of Hubert's squeeze play a long time ago and it is not profitable. He seems to be a nice guy and good teacher (I am even more suspected of John because of some posts about him here) but just make sure you test (if possible) or digest any information into your own before you trade it.
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    I've heard John's a home run hitter. You'll have to take that into consideration when using his picks.

    In one of his videos, he went over his criteria for choosing stocks. He uses IBD's site, looking for stocks with an RS of 99, sector leaders and I forget what the other criteria was. Definitely looking for momentum movers.
  10. I wonder how come they have not updated their track record on the website. 2005 must have been a bad year for their newsletter services....:D
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