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  1. paulae


    Anyone having problems with the site? That is, it currently states "Service Unavailable" when I try to access their website.

    I see John Carter is writing for, is he no longer with What about Hubert Senters?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. joe4422


    I hope for your sake that they've shut down.
  3. joe4422 Why do you say that?
  4. joe4422


    Because they're scammers. Have you ever been in their trading room and seen loss after loss after loss? Even when they win it is with only 1 contract, but when they lose it's with three.

    Have you subscribed to their newsletters and watched loser after loser after loser? And again, small wins, always much bigger losers.

    Have you ever back tested their strategies? Ever noticed how what they teach doesn't work?

    Have you ever wondered why their are no records kept, or access to brokerage statements?

    They hurt a lot of people by telling newbies exactly what they want to hear. They lie and teach that you can learn to read market gauges that will tell you when to buy and when to sell. Yet, they have losing trade, after losing trade, and whoops, whoo hoo, they just got a very small win. It's really awful what they do.

    A couple of years ago they used to sell a lot of different systems, then all of those just disappeared after the complaints and lawsuits started to mount. Now, it looks like the website's going bomb too.
  5. Thanks for your lengthy reply. Do you recommend any websites/Trader instructors who meet the criteria you describe, especially for newbies?
  6. YeLing


    yes, website is down for me too. I just signed up for the trial after reading John's book, which I found quite informative. Can anyone confirm whether or not the service will be back online/ reason for it going down?
  7. joe4422


    Rumors of John being investigated is all that I've heard.
  8. the1


    It's not a rumor, it's true. He has been under investigation by the CFTC for quite some time. He was probably forced to shut down pending the outcome or his attorney advised him to do so.

    LOL. Here he is. Guess what! Trading options has never been easier. Woohoo. Where's my credit card?

  9. gaj


    interesting interview here. 300-400k / MONTH??? wow. the 80k/yr they spent on adobe connect pales compared to that.

    they were apparently @ny trader's expo. and they're doing side businesses as marketers to help others generate lots o' money for their trading sites.

    this page works:
  10. Wonder if shut these guys down for trademark infringement?

    I couldn't believe they got away with that name for so long
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