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    Hi, does someone have experience with the software from Tradestreamglobal?
  2. bet you're going to tell us all about it's wonderful features. And of course you have NO financial interest in the company, right?
    Great first post there buddy.
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    No, I have absolutely no personal interest in advertising for their software.

    I work for a bank in Europe that is seeking for a US Broker and Software to introduce Direct Access to our clients.

    Their platform has been shown to me and I now seek individuals who might have experience on the platform and can relate me their experiences on the software. Is their platform stable and reliable? Do their functionalities support and fulfill the needs of an active trader?


  4. Never heard of this platform. Most of us here only know about pure trading/charting platforms and tradestreamglobal looks to be a trading+backoffice platform directed towards financial institutions and not the individual trader.
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    Thanks for your reply, MarathonTrading.

    I have checked out Realtick, Tradestation and RediPlus. Although it is said that they are the most established and professional in the industry, they are pricey.

    For my search and for our banks purpose, Tradestreamglobal is a choice to consider, but I would appreciate response from traders who might have traded with the platform to give me their objective opinion. They have charting capabilities! I am currently testing their C++ version.

    Tradedeskamerica and Centratrade are distributing their software to their clients.

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    Keep your gunpowder dry my friend, it's not time yet, right?

    Used to be that some people let those who want to share information about a piece of software they know of or like speak first, AND THEN they shot them down, REGARDLESS of what the information was.

    Is this a change in policy?

    :) :D :)
  7. And he conveniently mentioned a product. What other conclusion was I supposed to come to? :eek:
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    I like Tradestreams product and the people there are great. I know John in Dallas and Mathias in Germany pretty well. I have also been involved in a very limited way in the development of the product (mostly with regards to giving idea's on features for technically biased traders).

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    Hi Brandon,

    We met in Anaheim and I am registered with your services. Tradestreamglobal is a shortlist candidate and it is looking very favorable for them winning the tendor. I met John in NY at the last show and I am in regular contact with him. I personally like their platform very much and think it is the best choice, from a commercial perspective as well.

    I do have to do my due diligence irrespectively and my own research, therefore I was hoping to get some feedback from traders utilizing their platform and services and get their objective opinion.

    Thanks for your comments and hope to hear from you again.

    Best Regards

  10. rdewan,

    Obviously no one here except brandon has ever heard of this product. Maybe they use a different name? Do you know any brokers here that offer it? Is it direct access or browser based? Java? Personally I think it is refreshing that you would actually seek out traders' opinions on something like this.
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