Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by golfeur, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. golfeur


    I recieved an email from tradestocksamerica.
    They offer a training course called 'the wizard training course' and a daily newsletter with stock recommendations.
    I would appreciate any comment on the usefulness of the training course and the daily newsletter.

  2. Cannot speak for them personally but there are a ton of trading schools out there. Online trading academy, trade the markets, ect..... Do your homework. Look for outside reviews. In the end, practice makes perfect IMO.
  3. You got SPAM from a snakeoil sales service and you're actually wondering whether to pay them money or not for "training"?

    Just WOW! Are you interested in buying a major metro bridge? I'll give a once in a lifetime deal.
  4. mioumiou


    I was forwarded the same email today, only now the course is free ($14.95 S&H fee), but you have to subscribe to the Daily Stock Report for $97 a month (2-week free trial).

    In my 10-year experience, none of the hundreds of newsletters has a great track record. Otherwise, no knowledge of this outfit, but I came here to "see" what others have posted.