Tradestaton - You have to be 21 to open account?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by romeopitbull, May 20, 2003.

  1. Just got a call from the person opening my account and he said that they cannot open my account because I am 20, not 21. This is ridiculous! Anyone know another good direct access broker?
  2. Sorry... you can go to war and die for this country...
    BUT NO TRADING ACCOUNT FOR YOU! :D ( soup nazi voice )


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    Interactive Brokers is of course a very good broker. But you might accidentally have a slip of the pen (or keyboard) when you fill out the application. Otherwise I think you will have to wait until your birthday to open an account.

    Not that I am recommending that you do this ... :D

    And don't lose all your money immediately. The slow bleed is much more fun.
  4. ....what state are you in ? some states you are considered a minor until 21, some until 18.....either way its stupid.....if you can carry a rifle in Iraq at 20, you should be able to sign a new account form.
  5. wow. I wasn't aware of this. I guess you could go with a non direct access broker like Freetrade or Ameritrade. They don't have a 21 year age requirement.
  6. I can say that I accidentally made a mistake, but won't they check through my social security? By the way, I am already making a killing daytrading with Scottrade, unfortunately Scottrade's execution is not acceptable for me. This is why I need direct access broker.
  7. What I really liked about Tradestation that I have seen in their Interactive Tutorial is that they have advanced options called dicretionary, peg, and show only. If you know of another broker that has discretionary option please let me know. Just this option will save me a lot of money. I went to Interactive brokers and checked their demo and am not too impressed with it. Java based program I am not too excited about it. Also didn't look like it has many features. Another thing I don't like is that they are not concentrating on US securities, securities from other countries. Just doesn't seem like a good broker.
  8. Happy b-day Jonathan Lipnicki!

    You kids grow up so fast.
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    Write to your congressman to petition changing the law. It's a silly requirement. If this law extended from the trading world to the programming world, then Bill Gates would never have founded Microsoft.


  10. It's not a law. In my state you you have to be 18, but what I was told by Tradestation is that it's their company policy. All of you people making fun of me that I am too young are morons; I bet you that I have made more money last year than you have made in the psat 3 years.
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