TradestationSerious Performance Issues: Alternates?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by dougcs, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. TS's latest release, 8.1, has serious performance issues as reported by other users. For example, some people report load times increasing from minutes to 30+ minutes. There have also been reports that Radar Screen becomes unuseable with large numbers of stocks. Attempts to upgrade hardware have not helped much either.

    Since TS forces upgrades to its latest release after a period of time from the initial release, I will be forced to upgrade to what for me may be useless software. (I track large numbers of stocks.)

    Therefore, I need to look into alternates to TS. I know a little about Metastock and have used Wealthlab (can't use it now that Fidelity controls it). So, I'd appreciate suggestions on alternates.

    I track about 100 stocks and each one is traded using one of several systems I wrote. Adding all the processes used by TS totals about 500mb (I have 1gig RAM) and the processor (AMD 32 2.5gHz) is normally using 10-30%.

  2. Try Trade-Ideas instead of Radar. No symbol limits tracks all stocks in real-time. Streams alerts in real-time and it can link to TradeStation. I am the resident expert on it on Elite if you want to ask any detailed questions feel free.

  3. Why not try TS 2000i Prosuite? Ts is the best program and has much more possibilities than Metastock.
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    I NEVER download a new release unless I have issues with prior release. 8.0 is just fine for me.

    Have a nice 4th all!
  5. Ebo,

    I never upgrade until I'm forced to. I hope we don't get forced to 8.1 untll the performance issues are fixed. Have you been reading about them over at Tradestationworld?

    And enjoy your 4th too!

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    While you are considering or sampling new products, you may want to try the free download of ClearView, and see whether it meets your needs. Admittedly, this is from a guy who works with the vendor.

    Hope you find what you are looking for.

    Have a great Fourth!
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    I thought Wealth-Lab stated that they would continue to support owners of WL who owned it prior to the Fidelity takeover. Unless you just had a demo copy in which case you could not purchase within the USA after the takeover. Do you own or just have a demo?
  8. That's what happens when your minute data for each symbol are stored in a flat file 13 megabytes in size. I mean, WTF were they thinking? That's why the load times are ridiculous.

    But talking to the TradeStation folks is like talking to a field of boulders. All they needed to do was hire a guy from MIT for the summer, and he could have rewritten the whole damn database for them in 3 months.
  9. In TS2000i all the data is stored on your PC; so you don't depend on the bandwidth of the internet. Much better , because you have more speed, you can keep unlimited amounts of data, and you can download all you miss for the last 180 days.

    I prefer that kind of database. That's the main reason why i don't upgrade to TS8.0.
  10. I had it on demo.

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