Tradestation's Radarscreen review??

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by pstallone, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. Radarscreen seems to have everything I want , as a day trader, I can locate stocks according to MACD, Histograms, and Stochastics indicators, without going blind watching charts, or constantly pulling up charts. I miss a lot of opportunities.

    Is seems perfect, for picking out stocks in real time, to short or go long, by indicator.

    Does anyone use, is there anything better? It seems simple, it simply gives me the stocks 500 at a time, to review by Stochastics etc.
  2. It can certainly alert you of potential trades. But it is strictly a mechanical system.

    From my trading experience, I found that these mechanical signals are ambiguous figures. Meaning: they can be interpreted as bullish or bearish depending on the context.

    I used to scan hundreds of stocks in any given day. I have given them up 2 years ago. Now I trade only 1 stock (ETF) intraday, long and short. I decided to trade only one and trade it well. It can provide me a way of making a living. That's all I need.
  3. What is the ETF? I am not looking for hundreds of picks, but I watch about 20 stocks daily, both ETF, and whatever is hot at the moment. I trade POT, ICE frequently. It would be nice since I use stochastics, to find software that can give me alerts, showing oversold, undersold conditions:)
  4. I trade only SKF these days. It is a leveraged inverse of the financial market. But it has very good inverse corelation to SPY (S&P 500 index proxy). I like it because of the movement. When SPY moves up $0.50, SKF moves down $2.00 or so, vice versa. SKF easily whips $0.50 to $1.00 in 20 seconds. Imagine that! If you trade 1000 shares, that's $500 to $1000 opportunity in 20 seconds to a minute.

    It is not unusual that SKF moves up and down by $20 to even $30 (10% to 20%) in a given day. To trade SKF well, you need to be able to anticipate what the broad market is likely to do. Continuation or top-out reversal intraday, etc..
  5. I currently scan 800 symbols for both long and short opportunities. Paintbar studies are quite helpful. My stock pics for Firiday Feb 27: ABX +.96, ntes+.56, Jbht-.58, Amag+1.10, SPWRB+1.02, GDP-.19. Total points for day=2.87. Radarscreen is
    a good product. Months ago there used to be intermitent data outages. They seemed to have cleared this up.
  6. I have watched SKF quite a bit, it seems very risky, almost to violatile. Wild swings sometimes! with 1000 shares, you can lose quite a bit in only seconds. If the market turns on you, you might not be able to get out in time.

    Lately it has been very difficult to anticipate market direction, thanks to the Obama Index. The market is desperate for any encouragement. Any positive comments from the Treasury Secretary etc, can cause a quick turnaround, especially with financials!

    IDK, seems risky!
  7. Radarscreen is a beautiful thing. It automatically sorts by your criteria and really often, you just click on the symbol at the top of the list and you have a chart nearly instantly...
  8. That sounds great, seems to be what i'm looking for. Is there anything else like it? I'm not with TS. I'm with TOS, really don't want to switch!


  9. Yes SKF is extremely risky. It is a Ferrari on steroid. Not for beginners, not for the faint of heart.