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Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by sambatrade, Apr 5, 2003.

  1. Would anyone recommend an alternative to TS6/7?

    -charting flexibility
    -scripting ability, accurate backtesting, scanning, filtering (radarscreen)

    $1200 a year seems kinda steep compared to amibroker and wealthlab but i'm not sure if those two really does what TS can do. Although they seem to be able to do multiple security testing/ portfolio testing which TS cannot. Additionally, are there any other software packages anyone would recommend?
  2. WinSum


    That price is not quite accurate. It's more than $1200/yr. The price got increased this month. If you want live quotes and charts, you will have to pay additional Exchange Fees for every Exchange that you want to subscribe to. It is no longer included as part of your monthly subsciption package.

  3. Ebo


    The way I look at it, If I make $1200 on one trade a week, then TradeStation has paid for itself for the year. This is also deductible as a business expense On Schedule C. If you file MTM Trader status it has no 2% exclusion. The actual cost is $160 a month if you have CME data, Dude that's $8/day. I am not saying TradeStation is the only game in town. Good luck finding better backtesting.

  4. nitro


    I have started to use IQFeed with Quotetracker as a backup for TS6/TS7.

    If improvements keep being made to Quotetracker to the point where it is rock solid, I would have no qualms about using it as my day-to-day trading platform.

  5. gotcha ebo, just that i look at all the other costs too, bloomberg is 1500/month which i think might me worth splitting with someone, then other data shit, programming consulting thinking about, health insurance (how much are you paying btw?), all that adds up to a 2.5k monthly nut.
  6. Ebo


    Regarding Health Insurance.....
    We really should start our own Group and Qualify for a Group policy. I shopped around for this. We just need an administrator to deal with The HMO.

    Samba open your IM.