TradeStation2000i to MetaTrader4 automation

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by znich, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. znich



    I would like to find out whether anyone aware of a tool/software that can take TS2ki signals and transfer them to MetaTrader fo execution.

    I don't want to rewrite the code from EL to EA because there will be difference on the performance and also I won't be able to run all my strategies since MT doesnt' support all the timeframes.

    Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.

  2. Rosh67


    You may write txt-files with signals from TS into MetaTrader's folder, and MQL4-scrypt will do trades.
  3. znich


    Hello Rosh,

    Thakn you for your reply, at least someone is trying to help :)

    Could you please elaborate on your suggestion. How do I write a text file with the signals. Is it automatically created by TS and they automatically red by MT?

    Just not sure about the process of this transaction.

    Hope you could explain a bit further.

    Thank you
  4. You should check this out:
    Then, contact their tech support and they might be able to offer a better solution. Most other order entry platforms have been able to "exploit" a back-door in TS2000i's POP3 email implementation....and thereby create a POP3 server in their order entry software to receive the order message from TS2000i. This is the most reliable method of interfacing 2 disparate programs. The text file idea is doable, but not as fast, nor as reliable.
  5. riddle


    What Rosh was referring to was probably the easylanguage print statement. For example instead of having a buy statement, use:
    Print(File("c:\data\mydata.txt"),Date, Time, "buy",close);

    This of course requires some relatively sophisticated code to monitor the mydata.txt file for changes and actually perform the buy/sell/stop action specified.

    The BIG problem is that it is a one way communication - your easylanguage signal won't know what price you were filled at, or indeed if you got a fill at all. So you will have to move almost all your trade management into metatrader. Having done that, it would probably be easier to move the whole thing and be done with it. (I think it could also be done with a C++ DLL and the developer's kit, but it isn't trivial - and I don't know how myself.)

    As near as I can understand the RT Soft on-demand stuff, that is a solution for quotes, not trades. They certainly have the expertise to do some custom coding for you, but I wouldn't want to pay their invoice.