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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Mishka, Jan 13, 2003.

  1. Mishka


    for longtime I am using TradeStation 2000i with PC quotes data feed. While it works fine, cost never come down :( Recently I come across MetaServer RT, they now offer conversion data from other data providers, which never was supported by TradeStation before. Even supposed to work with IB , in this case data feed it would be free :).
    Anybody here use MetaServer RT? any feedback ....

    how easy to set up? how much additional CPU and RAM usage? besides TS & MS what other programs has to be running in order to make it all work? How relable and trouble free those set ups are?

  2. desnoirs


    To run MS, you need to run Esignal on GlobalServer. Unfortunately, GS doesn't allow PCQuote and Esignal real time feeds at the same time. It's one or the other.

    A solution would be to switch to Esignal & use MS as a backup feed. I myself prefer PCQ, but may switch to Esignal for the same reason. Good luck
  3. Get Wealth-Lab... supports multiple signal vendor...
  4. Bob111


    i used it. work fine for me with IB. you can find setup examples on this forum. use search for it.
  5. Just for your information. WLD2 supports now IB data feed. You can find more information here:
    I am using it myself and I had no problems so far. As long as TWS and IBData is open it collects the data from the TWS. If you open the chart it automatically takes the stored data and of course updates the time intervall on the chart.
  6. Mishka



    I would like to have it has main data source. to make for example
    DTNIQ main data source and IB as a backup

    "GS doesn't allow PCQuote and Esignal real time feeds at the same time"

    can you have both installed at the same time and switch between one or another?


    it's my privilege to speak with legendary personality:)

    I don't want go to another charting program if it possible for now.


    can you elaborate for little bit more. You are using it for futures? friend of mine could not get it to work. Every once in a while print 9 instead of 900, he tried suggestions in threads you mentioned , but it didn't worked and he's canceled all idea.

    how about stocks ? do I have to change exchange to Smart in GS if go with IB

    in this thread some discussion for set up MSRT . I not sure if I understand correctly is that procedure has to be done for EVERY symbol ?

  7. Bob111


    it works with anything you subscribed on IB. stocks,futures,currencies.
    only thing i did not get from not really hard to make it work, once you set up at least one symbol properly.
    you don't need to make any changes in GS(only click on connect) and set it up for DBC (don't remember exactly) BTW-help is always available))))
  8. Mishka


    Bob 111 what else can you say about MetaServer RT

    "BTW-help is always available))))"=== where exactly.

    "only thing i did not get from it-volume"== no volume at all?

    "it not really hard to make it work"=== this statement related to volume or too program over all

  9. with Tradestation 2000i which gets historical and realtime data from eSignal and puts it in Global Server database. Very nice.
  10. Mishka



    eSignal one of the few data feeds originally supported by TradeStation for real-time data. So as far I understand no need any intermediate program for thet.

    I'm trying to connect TradeStation to feeds which never was supported as the data providers and find out as much as information as I can how to do that, what to use,which software is the best....

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