Tradestation2000i & Historical Data

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by karabugla, Feb 8, 2002.

  1. hi,

    for the 700th time the download has really pi**ed me off.
    i´m currently using realtick and connect it via dynastore to the global server. but as my system crashes once in a while or i´m on holiday i have to download the historical data somewhere to keep it all updated. is provided free through prosuite and i therefore used to use it. but very often the data provided by them is VERY unreliable and i need to get something else. can anybody please give me a recommendation for historical download?

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    I have to say it might be worth you migrating to tradestation pro. You will get it for $99/mo as a former customer. I did it and it is not that painful and definately worthwhile in the end. Not a solution if you want non-US data though.
  4. hi,

    i hate the fights with keeping data updated, but i simply dont want to support omegas product policy (at least at the moment).
    i bought the omega prosuite for $3k 3 months before they released tradestation 6 and i dont see why i should now pay monthly fees for a product with limited functions (radarscreen´s missing so far and i use this one pretty extensivly).
    further, as they released the ts 6 they cancelled the long awaited service pack 6 that actually should have fixed some bugs. for me it is an absolut infamy to cancel the bug fixes just to switch to a new product, leaving all the customers behind that payed A LOT of money for the former software packages and pretend that ts2000i, prosuite200i etc never existed.

    anyway thanks for ur suggestion!