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Tradestation: worth it?

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  1. Polon



    I have started to use Tradestation, for their backtesting and all that. Worked out the kinks in the systems and now am ready to put some cash into it.

    However, as i havent really heard of tradestation before a couple of weeks ago i was wondering if there are some people in this forum that have had experiences with the company.

    FYI i am only really interested in trading forex, since that is what i used to do.

    Also if there are decent alternatives that do the same things in the uk and in GBP rather than only USD which i see as a severe limitation of tradestation as a company.

    any feedback would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

  2. Have you had a look at the TS forums? They can be very helpful.
  3. Polon


    i have looked at them, but a lot of the posts are quite old, but also as you would expect there is quite a mixed opinion. would of course be nice to have a more definitive view.

    Also have not yet found out if it can be linked to a uk broker with GBP. i see that the multicharts people will be automating their FX systems soon through FXCM. I used to have an account with them but their fills i founds were crap. might have changed by now, but not that interested in FXCM.

    I have to say that with Easylanguage i was able to program what i wanted within a day. (i have some programming experience) and just for that i would be willing to open an account with them, but crap customer service is not great is the sh*t hits the fan.

    if they were able to do GBP and were uk based i wouldnt hesitate.

  4. Bullet


    Cool software, but getting someone on the phone without sitting on hold for 45 min is often a challenge.
    As with most BD's and Trading shops (in general) customer service and finding someone that actually knows what the hell they are talking about is often very challenging.
  5. TraDaToR


    TS is good for testing and the automation is reliable. You can go away for the day and watch your P§L in the evening as soon as your systems don't make too much trades.

    The execution with RJ O Brien ( TS clearing agent ) is bad and the customer service is not good either.

    Does TS provides forex trading now? I wasn't aware of it.
  6. Polon


    Hi, as i have only recently found out about TS i didnt know that they didnt offer FX, which is all i am interested in and thats the paperwork that i have received from them.

    its not a deal breaker but its a real shame about the poor customer service.
  7. Polon


    Hi, what do you mean about the "your systems dont make too much trades". some of my programs run on a short timeframe basis, so i would be interested to know what you mean.
  8. Wow, reading this thread is like trying to use Tradestation.

    If you are interested in using a charting and trading platform for FOREX take a look at MultiCharts ( They offer a free trial so you can beat it up on you own and a forum full of CURRENT conversations with individuals actually trading what you are interested in.

    I'm not a big fan of IB but their current integration with MultiCharts seems to be solid on the trading side, talking to a number of people using it.

    I'm a strictly a volume bar user and Tradestation REFUSES to fix their bar cap problem which is an easy fix. MultiCharts truly does fix all of the problems Tradestation creates. MultiCharts is a stable product now since their 2.0 release.
  9. chartie


    Since there’s nowhere at TS website I could find which market/exchanges they cover, I decided to call and ask if they do the NYBOT/ICE, thinking the question should be simple enough for their CS to handle.

    Well after 25 mins waiting and before I even finished my question, the guy HANGED UP!! :eek: :mad:

  10. Polon


    Hi, i saw that multicharts do FX, but they are not yet automating it, according to their website. MCFX is what they call it.
    #10     Mar 6, 2007