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  1. have heard the same thing several times, seems equities are fine, charting is the best and futures execution and matrix seems to lag
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  2. I have been trading TS8 and TT side by side now for 6 months for a fund ive been working with and It is my solid belief that anyone who is not absolutely a high end roller is wasting their money on TT. If I were paying the fees while trading this fund, i Just wouldn't do it. i wouldn't pay for TT.
    now about ts8's matrix. in the past, i have
    had problems with their matrix. but since they have released 3159, i haven't had any problems. but you do have to make sure you have the correct hardware like say 2gigs of memory. it just goes with the TS8 territory.
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  3. Ebo


    EVERYTHING on Globex gets bottlenecked a little on Fed Days!
    I am overall satisfied the past 6 months on TS8.1.
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  4. I like TS charting. Can't say anything about matrix, I use Ninja platform.
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  5. Good to know you can use NT with TS. I really don't like the look of
    the matrix on the CD they sent me but obviously I haven't tried it yet...
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  6. is there any additional delay or disadvantage to using the automated ts rather than manual entry?
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  7. the martix is ok on ts but the line quotes suck and are way behind the matrix. i heard they use different feeds. ib's futures fills are much quicker
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