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  1. the guy who responded and then disappeared yesterday (I swear there were responses that werent written by an alternate personality) said that its fine for everything but constant trading, in his mind 25+ trades a day is what I believe he said, so basically if you are very active stay away was what he said
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  2. Is that Rio? Did you shoot it recently?

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  3. Tradestation is not going to have the speed of X-Trader but I have not had any problems getting in and out of positions. If you try and get in quick on post-Fed announcement swings, I doubt you will get milisecond fills with all that volume and huge jumps, as you would on any platform. But the charting is live and realtime and only once in a blue moon have I noticed some sticking and most of the time it has been my system.
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  4. are you trading futures or equities?
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  5. I only traded futures through TS and still use the charting. I cannot tell you about the matrix and stock trading but the futures connection seemed fine and the charting keeps working well :D

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  6. I also had an answer from someone here (forgot who) who said
    that TS executions take "seconds" to fill instead of the instantaneous
    executions I am used to getting at IB. So... not making any moves as of yet.

    Don't need slow executions. But I guess most just use TS for charting
    and use someone else for broker and entry platform...
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  7. Another thing... next time "Quote" that SOB quick before he takes
    his post off ET so we can get the real goodies and report him to
    the Cruz brothers so he get in trouble for "dissing" TS...:p
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  8. Ebo



    That was last September in Ipanema.
    Just looking at The recent USD/BRL rallying and wondering if it's time to pack my AK and laptop for a little adventure!

    Man those Bundas are fine.

    Back on topic, I never have a problem on FED days wth TS, I am usually on the book anyway.
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  9. I have heard the same thing and count myself as one who uses it mainly for charting. I left a small amount of cash there and do some trades monthly. Figure I make some money and get the platform for free :D. But I agree I doubt they are the absolute fastest among those like IB or ToS, etc..

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  10. I remember he said this was with futures and equities were OK...
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