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    Javs- I give TS cust serv a C- Good software. Below average customer service.

    Lwlee- Cant do that with RS. You could create a database in RS first and then do that easily. Nothing wrong with Ami. Good little software. I like it.

    Shortskirt- Regarding 1 minute ES data for backtesting. All of it is available. Yes, on 1 minute. Must use continous contract format.
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    Aok, thanks, good posts!
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  4. If you get an answer I'd like to know I dont think they know how to use email. You have to call them.
    I was also concedering TS except for 2 things, your tied to the monthley service and if you dont make the minimum trades per month your liable for the $99 and $49 charge. So if you plan on taking a month off you have to either close your account or pay the money. Also they dont answer emails so unless you record the conversation you dont have a record of their answer.
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