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  1. I have read some complaints on active trading with the tradestation platform. When you speak of active trading are you speaking of a couple seconds or 1 min plus? Any comment on tradestation abilities around a 1 min per trade marker?
  2. mightymight,

    For trading stocks....probably okay. I used it several years ago....for stocks. If you Scalp the e-mini I do....the Matrix is way too slow....but....swing traders....or even longer time frame day traders....probably okay.

    Most of the problems you hear about in the TradeStation about the Matrix. And....if you are ever in a trade....and something bad happens....and you need to call TS....expect a Loooooooooonnnngggg wait on hold....that is a big part of their problem.

  3. Sanjuro


    Expect 1 hour wait times on phones.
    The good thing is that it's a 1-800 number.

  4. you mean to tell me if your system goes down or you have some kind of issues and you need to call them to exit everything they make you wait an hour?!?!
  5. what do you use to scalp emini futures?